We invite you to use our Real Estate Personal Shopper service, with our professional agents specialized in helping our clients buy and invest in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol in Spain and throughout Spain. Remember, 50% of quality properties are sold “off-market,” and our Real Estate Personal Shoppers are trained to reach all available properties in this market.
As experienced agents in the Spanish real estate market, we will defend your interests as a buyer or investor, negotiating with the selling party to obtain the best conditions and the best deal for you. We will carefully analyze your needs and preferences as a buyer or investor to advise you on the feasibility of your acquisition.
We will search for properties that fit your desires among private sellers, off-market properties, the market, and other professional real estate agents, using our extensive network of contacts and advanced technology.

Following the next work steps, we will strive for success in your acquisition:
First step – Qualification of customer needs, appropriate areas… A meeting will be held with potential clients, both companies and individuals, to understand their needs: type of property, investment objectives, return percentage, budget, and priorities.

Second step – Presentation of the options found: Selection of potential properties. After presenting a report on all properties, those that the client and the Real Estate Personal Shopper consider most attractive will be chosen to close the visits.

Third step – Delivery of a property report: about the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen property, property description, property expenses, client objectives valuation, and price negotiation for the offer presentation. The report will collect all the properties under the client’s requirements, including existing properties off-market and properties on the market.

Fourth step – Delivery of a personalized service offer: The offer will detail the services, action plan, and conditions. After presenting a report on all properties, those that the client and the Real Estate Personal Shopper consider most attractive will be chosen to close the visits.

Fifth step – Technical visit and inspection: A technical visit and inspection will be carried out by an architect, and a report will be made in Spanish or English.
Sixth step – Visit with the client to the properties: The Personal Shopper will organize and guide the visits, taking into account the client’s availability.

Seventh step – Choice: A dossier will be delivered with the technical report and objective valuation on the pre-selected properties.

Eighth step – We will present and argue the offer to the selling party.

Ninth step – Processing of changes in ownership services: We manage the necessary procedures to change the owner of the property’s basic services, from registry and land registry to electricity and gas.
Tenth step – Notary procedures and Legal consultations: Our specialized team in legal matters advises you during the process, ensuring that all procedures are carried out correctly, including the signing of the deeds.

Eleventh step – We help people who come to live and work in different cities in Spain find rental housing and the first procedures for their installation, such as ID or NIE, social security, registry, and the opening of a current account. Some ask us for information on schools, gyms, and leisure areas.

12 – We also have external services to hire: Moving, Construction company with guarantees, Architects, Maintenance services, Interior design, and others.
Don’t think twice! Our professional Real Estate Personal Shopper service is designed to make your life easier and help you find the property of your dreams in Spain. Contact us and try it today